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NTT Solmare Corp. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company,” “we,” “us,” etc.) may use cookies, pixels, and similar technologies (collectively, “cookies”) on our website, MangaPlaza, and on related campaign sites (collectively, our “Service”).

How We Use Cookies

We use cookies in the following ways:

  • To verify information necessary for Service functions, such as your username and login status, and to obtain account information required to fulfill your information and service requests.
  • To improve our Service’s security, and to prevent fraudulent use by monitoring login status.
  • To measure and analyze usage and activity on our Service in order to best guide our business and improve our Service.
  • To provide you with personalized recommendations, content, marketing emails, and advice about Service features based on your use of our Service.

Managing, Blocking, and Deleting Cookies

Internet browsers typically offer controls for managing cookies, which may enable you to delete cookies or to accept or reject certain categories of cookies. You may also be able to manage other (non-cookie) tracking technologies via their providers’ websites or through controls in the operating system of your mobile device.

If you reject or delete cookies, the related Service features and functions may be unavailable to you as a result. This may impair the performance of our Service as you experience it.

Changes to Cookies

We may add, delete, or otherwise alter the cookies we use at any time. If such changes require the collection or use of information in a manner materially different from that described in our Privacy Policy or this Cookie Notice, we will post a revised Privacy Policy or a revised Cookie Notice addressing the relevant changes. Our Privacy Policy contains more details about the kinds of information we collect.

Use of Cookies to Serve Ads by Other Service Providers (Including Google)

Our Company’s advertisements are placed on various websites on the Internet by service providers we have partnered with, including Google.

These service providers use cookies to serve personalized ads based on information about your past visits to our Service. The service providers also acquire cookies for our Company’s analytics. The acquired cookies will be handled in accordance with the privacy policies of the respective service providers.

You can find out more details about the usage of cookies, the types of cookies acquired, and how to opt out of cookies for each service provider by visiting the corresponding links below.

Service Provider Privacy Policy Opt-out page
Google LLC(Advertising) See Policy Opt Out
Google LLC(Analytics) See Policy Opt Out
Meta Platforms, Inc. See Policy Opt Out
Twitter, Inc. See Policy Opt Out
ByteDance Ltd. See Policy Opt Out
YRGLM Inc. See Policy Opt Out
PLAID Inc. See Policy Opt Out

You may also disable the use of cookies for all service providers by visiting the link below.

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