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Staff Recommendation

A Sexual Roller Coaster About a Guy with Distorted Sexual Desires, and the Pitiful Straight Guy He Goes After!

This is a treasure trove of kinky play that will having you saying, “Ooh, so that’s how it’s done…!” ♥
This title has a new form of play each chapter, and it definitely fits the theme of “sexual desire gone awry.” The back-to-back ecstasy is irresistible! The sex scenes are hot and steamy! The scenes of their tongues exploring each other’s bodies and Koyama’s erotic expressions will have you fanning yourself as you read♥
There are some heavy scenes, with humiliating photos being taken and one-sided threats made. On the flip side, there are a lot of scenes with a comical element that will make you giggle at how Koyama and Takamada interact with each other, making this title a smooth read despite the trigger-heavy start.
I think you’ll enjoy the gradual evolution of this relationship from its roots in Takamada’s twisted desires!

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