Customers at the Heart of our Business Leads to World Class Customer Satisfaction

Over the past 30 years, DMI has positioned itself as a trusted partner for agents and advisors.  We have been able to build this trust with an emphasis on delighting our agents by offering superior products and delivering exceptional customer service.

In fact, customer satisfaction is the focus of our day-to-day operations. It is this daily focus that helped us to earn a World Class’ Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 74, a customer satisfaction rating, that is more than double the industry average of 31 across Financial Services.

So, what exactly is a New Promoter Score? Simply put, the NPS is a data benchmark measuring customer loyalty and satisfaction. Scores are determined by customers rating their likelihood to recommend a company, a product, or a service to a friend or colleague. Scores range from -100 (detractors) to +100 (promoters) with any score higher than 70 considered ‘World Class’.

The DMI staff thinks of the NPS in the same way that we think of our business: our partner agents and the NPS aren’t just numbers;  it’s so much more than that. To us, it is not just the score that matters, it is everything we do behind the scenes to be given that score; it’s the relationships, the connections, and the trust.

I have often contemplated what makes DMI so unique and different from our competitors. To my delight, feedback from recent surveys confirmed what I had thought to be true. In reading through comments from our partner agents, it became quite evident that our uniqueness truly lives within our ethos of how we treat our partner agents and advisors.

The reality is the work we do at DMI really matters. Our products and services have a cascading positive impact on the lives of the loved ones belonging to so many.  Loved ones who rely on our partner agents to help guide them to and through one of the most important times in their life, their retirement.

For those fortunate enough to have heard our President, Brian Donahue, speak about his passion for our business, it is safe to assume you have heard him say, “If you would not sell it to your Mother, it is not the right product.” His statement is simple, yet it perfectly sums up the core of our mission and emphasis on putting the consumer first.

At DMI, we understand that our partner agents and advisors are not just serving consumers. They are serving someone’s mom, a brother, a grand-father, or even a friend and is important that we do right by them. And if we do this, we in turn, do right by our partner agents and advisors.  It is this shared mindset of the DMI staff that has earned us a ‘World Class’ NPS, in a year wrought by the business challenges of a global pandemic.

The NPS is not just a number. It a true testament of our commitment to putting consumers and our partners at the heart of everything we do. This commitment, in addition to the collaboration and dedication of the DMI staff over the past year, has been nothing short of awe inspiring. I have truly enjoyed watching the DMI staff work together to find new ways to serve the people who matter the most during one the more challenging times in recent history.

In short, it is no brainer that keeping those you serve at the heart of everything you do ultimately results in customer satisfaction.  So, as we dive into a day of flowers, chocolates, and conversation hearts, take a moment to think of your loved ones.  Then, take this perfect opportunity to determine how you are going to apply those thoughts to approach your upcoming meetings.

From all of us at DMI, we will continue to keep you, and those you serve, at the heart of everything we do.

Happy Valentine’s Day.