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Romance & Fantasy / Adult Romance / Boys' Love

Romance & Fantasy

  • The Dragon God and His Bride's Red Flower Seal


    10% Point Reward
    I will find you...

    Mito is gifted with a birth-mark on her hand.
    Legend says it's a blessing but in Mito's village it is told to be a sign of misfortune.
    Mito is neglected by the villagers since birth with her family being discriminated all the same.
    The only saving grace for her is time spent with a beautiful man who re-appears in her dreams.
    This silver-haired man is actually one of the four God's that rule their universe?!

    A love fantasy that defies time and space-!
The Dragon God and His Bride's Red Flower Seal
  • The Ruthless Heir Wants Me Pregnant to Wed!


    10% Point Reward
    Chiharu Saeki is just your average woman working in an office... except she has a loan to pay after her father's company went bankrupt. One day, the young heir to one of the biggest companies around, Ritsu Kaido, is told that the only way he can inherit the company and his father's fortune, is if he were to marry Chiharu. Even without love in this marriage, there must be a way to make this work... is what Chiharu thought until she learns that Ritsu has a secret lover?!
The Ruthless Heir Wants Me Pregnant to Wed!
  • The Icy Heir's Nightly Whispers of Love: A Sweet Matrimony That Begins With Zero Days of Dating


    10% Point Reward
    Yuri is a woman with a strong worth ethic. She's also secretly in love with her manager Ishin, the heir to the company. He's basically the perfect man, so Yuri feels her love will never become a reality... But one day, Ishin suddenly pops the question and proposes?! Yuri is surprised and happy. However, she hears a rumor that Ishin yearning for an heir. Yuri is shocked that she was only chosen as his wife so she could produce a child. Even with that said, Ishin still decided to get married when they haven't even dated?! A story about a sweet newlywed life with a doting, icy heir!
  • The Unwavering Possesive Love of the Stellar Knight Commander


    10% Point Reward
    "I made up my mind...that I would give my life and body to you."
    The Arnault Night Watch is an organization under the direct jurisdiction of King Arndt. Lieutenant Cecilia is second in command to Rudiger, the head of the Arnault Night Watch. He always playfully teases her, and Cecilia is in love with him. She has loved Rudiger since they were kids, but now their relationship is admiral and lieutenant. Cecilia keeps her personal feelings to herself, bottling them up inside...
    But one day, Cecilia hears about the rumor of women going to meet "Asmodeus" to become beautiful. Unexplainable, related incidents begin to occur, one after the other. Cecilia starts her investigation to protect the safety of the kingdom, but she soon finds herself teamed up with an unexpected someone who is also investigating the rumors...?!
    A mystery love fantasy with unwavering possessive love of a stellar knight commander!

Adult Romance

  • How to Make Adult Comics


    10% Point Reward
    Tsugumi is a 24-year-old porn comic artist... and yet, she's never had sex with a man, and is running out of ideas for her work. She's had absolutely no inspiration, even after watching porn. She complains to art student Sena, her younger assistant. He then proceeds to put her finger in his mouth, take off his clothes, and thoroughly teach her on where and how to touch herself...?!
  • My Delinquent Boyfriend Kiyoharu, Likes to Go Hard


    10% Point Reward
    The most hated type of person in this world... is a delinquent!! And yet Masumi is bothered everyday by the epitome of delinquents, Kiyoharu! Their conversations don't click, and his fashion is impossible to understand. Masumi just might pass out... Then one day, after Kiyoharu forces Masumi to go on a date with him, he tells her that he's crazy about her...?!
  • How to Raise a Hopeless Pet


    10% Point Reward
    "I'll need to discipline you tonight." Love lessons between a ruthless boss and an office lady with golden retriever energy. Sexy voices in the workplace...? Following those voices, the new office lady stumbles upon a very explicit scene taking place in the sample warehouse. And the culprit is none other than the man who is supposed to be her new boss?! You've got to be kidding! Dominating, egotistical, and arrogant, yet his surprising kindness in unexpected moments leave her heart yearning for more...! Includes special side stories, such as Prince Yagi's "How to Love a Hopeless Prince". Will he ever figure out what it really means to be in love?
  • The Deceiving Earl's Sheltered Princess: A Romance Guide for Girls in Taisho Era


    10% Point Reward
    Momiji, a daughter with dreams of being a swordswoman, has been thrust into an arranged marriage with a prestigious earl she has never met.
    Soon after, she agrees to a match with Shuichiro, a senior dojo student, betting that if she loses, he can do whatever he wants with her. But after her defeat, he sweetly claims his prize by taking her virginity?!
    Trying to escape this marriage, Momiji ends up falling right into the deceiving earl's trap...!
    The start of a sweet and steamy Taisho Era romance where both this tomboy's mind and body are at the mercy of this earl's captivating charm!!

    The Deceiving Earl's Sheltered Princess: A Romance Guide for Girls in Taisho Era!
    Includes special side story: "What is love really?"
  • My Virgin Husband is a Carnivore Sadist


    10% Point Reward
    I can't hold my voice with his fingers caressing me under my wedding dress like that. How did this happen...?

    Yuri's favoritism with masculine men always ends in tragedy so she decides to join a match making party to find an easy-going gentleman to settle with instead. There she meets Satsuki, the most perfect "husband material."

    ...Or so she thought?! Satsuki's innocent mask fooled her into marriage and now she's stuck with this aggressive sadist whose exactly the opposite man he had portrayed to be!
  • Blind Love of a Dark Lawyer: The Most Obsessed and Pure Love Story in the World


    10% Point Reward
    "I want to make you all mine."
    Yui is hired to work at a Law Firm owned by the Jin family. Two handsome Jin brothers, Yushiro and Soichi are Yui's childhood-friends, but Soichi is her first love. Yui's first day at the office is the first day meeting with Soichi after 18 years. Soichi has changed drastically and almost seems like a different person...?!
    This romance is pure and thick like honey.
  • Please Sleep With Me, Tachibana!: My First Sexual Partner is My Hot Coworker?!


    10% Point Reward
    "I want to have s-sex with you...!" Office worker Sumire has been around girls all her life, and thus, is bad at talking to guys. This is why she's never had a boyfriend! But she wants to experience something at least once... and that something is sex! That may be a tall order for a woman who can't talk to men. However, there's one male coworker that Sumire feels comfortable talking with. When she asks him to have sex with her, he agrees! But on one condition... The popular hottie in the office, Tachibana; Sumire, the beautiful woman who's a virgin that can't get a man. This story on how to love and have sex is so sweet, you'll swoon non-stop! This manga has special bonus stories.

Boys' Love

  • The Seduction of the Deep Sleeper


    10% Point Reward
    Toma Sugawa is a cool-headed, unsociable businessman. For some reason, he's not in a relationship, and he spends his life watching the days go by. One thing that has become a part of his daily routine, is waking up one of the tenants in his grandfather's apartment complex. That tenant is Kaoru Aida. He has countless alarms go off, and still doesn't wake up until Toma comes in to wake him. On top of that, he asks Toma to wake him up the next morning, without a lick of remorse. With an attitude like that, of course Toma is on the verge of snapping. But one day, Toma goes to wake him up as usual, and Kaoru, still sleepy, pushes him down?! Enjoy this clumsy, blooming love story between an inconsiderate guy and a guy still stuck on his ex!

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